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Wildwood Activities

There’s something for everyone in the Wildwood area. Miniature golf courses offer an opportunity to enjoy some friendly family competition; splash your way to cool refreshment with three fun-filled water parks; enjoy some “scream therapy” aboard one of seven world-class roller coasters; take the kids fishing; enjoy a boat trip - slow and relaxing or monster fast - plus festivals, special events and beachside entertainment options.

In the Wildwood area, you’ll find amusements of just about every kind. Thrill rides, games, golf, water sports, there is always something to do, always a dozen ways to have fun, indoors and out.

 Amusement Piers
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Mariner's Arcade
 3501 Boardwalk  Wildwood  (609) 522-5563  
 Morey's Piers  on the Boardwalk  Wildwood  (609) 522-3900  

 Bike Rental
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Cape Island Bicycles  727 Beach Ave  Cape May  (609) 884-8011  
 Crest Bike Rental  500 E Heather Rd  Wildwood Crest  (609) 522-5763  
 Green's Bike Rental  5402 Ocean Ave  Wildwood Crest  (609) 522-7786  
 Hassles Bike Rental  430 E 20th Ave  North Wildwood  (609) 522-6191  
 Surf Bike Rental  5011 Ocean Ave  Wildwood  (609) 729-5147  
 1900 Bike & Rollerblade Rental  1900 Boardwalk  North Wildwood  (609) 729-7329  
 Bradley's Bikes  Rambler Rd  Wildwood Crest  (609) 729-1444  

 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Islands Bowl  3401 New Jersey Ave  Wildwood  (609) 729-0111  

 Fishing Charters
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Aqua Trails-Kayak Tours & Sales  956 Ocean Dr  Cape May  (609) 884-5600  
 Adventurer II  Rio Grande & the bay  Wildwood  (609) 729-7777  
 Huntress Charter Sport Fishing  1020 W Rio Grande Ave  Wildwood  (609) 884-1227  
 Starlight & Twilight  6200 Park Blvd.  Wildwood Crest  (609) 729-7776  

 Golf Courses
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Avalon Golf Club  1510 Rt 9 N  Swainton  (609) 465-4653  
 B L England Golf Club  900 Rt 9 N  Beesleys Point  (609) 390-0472  
 Blue Heron Pines Golf Club  Tilton Rd  Galloway Township  (609) 965-1800  
 Hamilton Trails Country Club  620 Harbor Ave  Mays Landing  (609) 641-6824  
 Harbor Pines Golf Club  500 Saint Andrews Dr  Egg Harbor Township  (609) 927-0006  
 Riverwinds Golf Club  Riverwinds Dr  W Deptford  1-856-848-1033  
 Twisted Dune  2101 Ocean Hts Ave  Egg Harbor Township  (609) 653-8019  
 Wildwood Golf & Country Club  Golf Club Rd  Burleigh Township  (609) 465-7824  

 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Leaming's Run Gardens  1845 Rt 9 N  CMCH  (609) 465-5871  
 Cape May Park & Zoo  4 Moore Rd  Capy May Court House  (609) 465-5271  

 Jet Ski
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Cape May Water Sports  1286 Wilson Dr  Cape May  (609) 884-8646  
 Lakeview Docks  7118 Park Blvd.  Wildwood Crest  (609) 522-0471  
 Pier 47 Marina  3001 Wildwood Blvd  Wildwood  (609) 729-4774  

 Miniature Golf
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Hawaiian Rumble  25th & Surf Ave.  North Wildwood  (609) 522-2449  
 Jurassic Adventure Golf  4th & New Jersey Ave  North Wildwood  (609) 729-5577  

 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Atlantic Parasail Inc  1025 Ocean Dr  Wildwood Crest  (609) 522-1869  
 East Coast Parasail LLC  1121 New Jersey Rt.109  Cape May  (609) 898-8359  

 Sightseeing Charters
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Cape May Whale Watch  Rt 109 & Wilson Dr  Cape May  1-888-531-0055  
 Thunder Cat Speed Boat Dolphin Watch  1001 Ocean Dr  Wildwood Crest  (609) 523-2628  
 Silver Bullet Speed Boat Dolphin/Whale  Rio Grande Ave  Wildwood  (609) 522-6060  

 Water Parks
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 Raging Waters  Morey's Piers  Wildwood  (609) 522-3900  
 Splash Zone  3500 Boardwalk  Wildwood  (609) 729-5600  


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